May 1, 2008

Part One: The Begining

When I was 12 and at Lively Junior High in Elk Grove Village, I bumped my head, on more than one occasion, on the top shelf of my locker. I had an egg shaped knot at the top of my head for weeks that would not deflate.

My parents, who were divorced at the time, both were worried and took me to my general practitioner that was just around the corner. We were told that it was just a bump that had filled with fluid and he just needed to aspirate it with a needle. My doctor said that he didn't have time to do it then, and to come back in a couple of weeks if the swelling hadn't gone down.

A few days later, my Dad brought me back in and told the doctor that he needed to do something right away. Again, he said he was too busy, but he would see us at Alexian Brothers in the Ambulatory Care center and he would remove whatever fluid was in there, and that it would be a very short procedure. I remember him saying that he would do it, early in the morning and I would only miss a half hour to an hour of school.

The whole concept of this will be to leave some sort of legacy/stories for my daughter. My life has been quite interesting, and with a daughter, I expect it to be way to overwhelming for my, already, full brain to contain. So I'll just be writing down different thoughts and some memories from the past.